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Diversified Portfolio - Limited Capital - Minimum Downside Risk

You’re invited to join a Waiting list in Property Investing:

  • Fractional ownership with upside Capital Gain and stable Rental Cashflow.
  • Historical ROIs of 8% – 15% per annum for curated physical property portfolios.
  • Digital property in the form of Tradable Utility NFT.
  • Priority access to other investment portfolios of FHH Ventures.
  • No hassles. Hand-off investments.

More details in Section Property Investing below.

Property Leasing

Opening - Hanoi

Emerging portfolio – To capture high upside potential of an emerging market with almost 100 million population, young and vibrant environment. Vietnam is also the top choice in South East Asia for foreign investments.

Sagawa D'Capitale
Sagawa Smart City
Sagawa Lieu Giai 1
Sagawa Lieu Giai 2
Sagawa Lieu Giai 3
Sagawa Lieu Giai 4

Upcoming - Tokyo

Hedging portfolio – To hedge inflation risk and capture cashflow stability of an Aging market. Our work supports the common goal of revitalizing vacant homes in Tokyo and creating greener and circular living environment with social wellness for senior, local and foreign communities.


Virtual Office Leasing

We offer Virtual Office service for both foreign and domestic Startups and Solo-Entrepreneurs, who need to save money on rental office. We are committed to offer the most affordable rate on the market and we match for any lower pricing that you could find.

We are currently offering our VO services in two locations in Hanoi. See below for more details.

D'Capitale Tran Duy Hung
Sagawa Lieu Giai

Property Investing

Each investment portfolio is structured based on our proven track record over the past 15 years, strict investment mandate, robust due diligence process, disciplined operating principles, anti-fraud and continuous monitoring procedures throughout the life of the portfolio. 

Each investor becomes a member of the LLC which holds physical properties. Therefore, they hold two types of Ownerships:

  • Fractional Ownership of Physical Property.
  • Digital Ownership of Tradable Utility NFT.

How it works

1. Perform Due Diligence on Property
2. Purchase and Issue Shares to Investors
3. Lease and Manage the Portfolio
4. Issue Utility NFT (Digital Property)
5. Exit at
Optimal ROI
6. Distribute Proceeds back to Investors

Investment Mandate

We are disciplined in conducting our Investing procedures in accordance with our Investment Mandate.

Portfolio starts at $1M

Each portfolio is structured as LLC, a collective holding of properties with total capital of $1M. The difference between $1M Capital and Actual Purchase price is covered by Sagawa Realty.

Share at $10K

Each LLC contains a minimum of 100 shares with the nominated value of $10K per share. Investor can buy one share or more and become a member of LLC with respective ownership.

Hedging at 80/20

To achieve optimal return while hedging inflation and liquidity risk, the portfolio is structured with certain types of properties, including townhouse and condos, based on Rule 80/20. 

Digital Ownership

Digital ownership, in the form of Tradable Utility NFT, is derived from potential capital gain and forecasted cashflow. Members could trade their NFTs on secondary markets.

Liquidity Event

When a portfolio (aka LLC) is liquidated, the proceeds will be returned to shareholders. Investors can decide to withdraw the proceeds or use it to continue investing in other portfolios.

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